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Back to School 2022

School Start Times

Drop Off: The doors will OPEN @ 8:00 A.M. each morning, please try not to arrive any earlier as that is when supervision begins. Preschool and Elementary parents may drop them off outside the west elementary bus doors each morning. We will have a door attendant each morning to greet the students and help them into the building. Parents will not be allowed to enter through our West Elementary doors as a safety protocol. All parents needing to enter the building please use either our Middle School or High School doors and report to that respective office students will be called there to be picked up. 

Breakfast: All students are welcome to attend our breakfast program which will start each day at 8:00 A.M. 

Morning Movement: Research shows us the benefits of physical activity are powerful, setting students up for a strong educational start each day. You may see our paraprofessionals and teachers using brain hookups and techniques to activate the firing of neurons in the brain. All these opportunities help teach self-control and are great brain gym activities for our growing and developing students. As long as the weather allows we will be outside soaking in the beautiful fall mornings, please dress accordingly. As colder temperatures arrive students will have morning areas to be active in our gyms. 

Sign In & Sign Out/Sickness/Appointment Procedures

Home Sick or Appointment Absence: This year we are furthering our check-in and check-out procedures. If your student is ill please call the office and notify them of your child's absence. Mrs. Jangula and Mrs. Schneider will get any work to be completed, collected, and ready in the office for pick up. If your child has an appointment, call ahead or send a note to notify us of their upcoming absence. Your student will be provided a slip to collect the work they will miss while they are away. If a student is absent and we have not received a call notifying us your child’s respective office will be calling to check in or notify you that your child has not yet arrived at school. 

Sign In & Sign Out Procedures: Students who arrive late or leave school will need to sign in and out of their appropriate office. Middle School and High School students will need a note or a parent phone call before they are allowed to leave the building. Elementary students will need to be picked up in the Middle School office by a parent or guardian. We appreciate your assistance as we work each day to keep our students safe. 

Pick Up

Elementary Pick-Up: Elementary students being picked up or walking will exit the building each day at 3:30 P.M. through the west elementary doors. Students riding the transit bus or our district buses will exit each day through our west bus doors. We will be out helping students reach their parents or bus. We ask that those picking up students avoid driving through the bus area as we prepare for the departure of our buses. Students will be directed to the crosswalk areas to make their way across the street. 

Middle School Pick-Up:  Feel free to use our middle school parking lot to pick up your students each day. We ask that you use the west entrance to enter and the east entrance to exit creating a continuous flow.  

Meal Account

Breakfast: $2.10 

Lunch: $3.00

Meal accounts are tracked on PowerSchool daily,  parents please check balances by using the Powerschool website or app. Children need healthy meals to learn. Linton Public School offers healthy meals every school day. Other programs such as Title 1 rely on area income eligibility.  

Activity Pass

Athletic Activity Pass Prices: K-12 Student $60.00 - Adults $85.00 -  Senior Citizen (55 and older) 65.00 - Family $200 

Game Attendance: We are excited to have you at each game cheering on our Linton Lions. We ask that you do your best to stay seated and remain in the event. Your cheering and support may be just what we need for a Lion win. 


You can access PowerSchool online on the website or app to track assignments, traditional grades, and standard grades as well as lunch balances. Reminder K-12 has both traditional and standards reporting. Refer to the PowerSchool Tutorial as a reminder on how to check grades online: