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Linton Public School has been ranked in the top 15% of all North Dakota public schools based on the 2020-2021 North Dakota Accountability Index, according to North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI), State Superintendent, Kirsten Baesler. The North Dakota Accountability Index is based on defined measures from the ND State Assessment (NDSA) at the elementary level. These measures include NDSA student achievement scores, student growth, student engagement, and English learner language data.

At the high school level, the North Dakota Accountability Index measures include assessment achievement, student engagement, on-time graduation rate, completer rate, choice ready indicators, and English learner proficiency. 

To access the School Accountability Reports, or to learn more, go to the NDDPI homepage or https://insights.nd.gov/.  Linton School Superintendent, Paul Keeney, credits this success to a strong school staff and administrators, engaged students, and parents and community members that are concerned about the academic well-being of their children - and our students.