FCCLA 2021-2022

Linton is proud to be part of the national organization of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Linton is in District 5 and very active in FCCLA activities at the district, state and national levels.

District 5 Leadership Meeting

Grade 12

Grade 11

Grade 10

Grade 9

Grade 8

Angie V.

Natalie B.
Robyn H.
Paige H.
Ariana P.
Gracie S.
Kaylee W.

Brooke B.
Amber M.
Peyton S.
Alexis V.

Sophia H.
Abby S.
Brooklyn S.

Chapter Advisor: 
          Ms. Danielle Jangula

Chapter Officers: 
          Paige Hulm ~ President
          Gracie Schumacher ~ 1st Vice President
          Ariana Pfaff ~ VP of Public Relations
          Peyton Sauter ~ VP of Finance
          Kaylee Weninger ~ VP of Activities
          Amber McCrory ~ VP of Community Service
          Brooke Bosch & Alexis Vetter ~ VP of STAR Events

District 5 Activities

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2020-2021 District 5 Officers

Chapter Activities

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Blankets for Assisted Living Residents