Prices & Fees

Linton Public School District

Prices & Fees

2018-2019 School Term


Breakfast/Lunch Prices: Breakfast: Lunch:

Grades K-12                                                  $1.90                                     $2.85

Reduced Meals for Grade K-12                 $0.00                                    $0.40

Adults                                                             $2.60                                    $3.60

Extra Milk                                                      $0.40                                    $0.30


Students and adults will not be served meals once their lunch account reaches a negative balance of $25.00.  The district will send a letter of reminder once the account reaches a negative balance.


Activity Ticket & Admission Prices:

K-12                                                                                    $4.00
Adults                                                                                $6.00
Activity Ticket for K-12                                                $50.00
Activity Ticket for Adults                                             $70.00
Senior Citizen Activity Ticket (55 yrs & older)        $55.00
*Family Activity Ticket                                               $175.00

*Family Activity Ticket admits parents and students who are pre-school age through senior in high school.


Activity tickets are good for all home events and for all home sub-varsity events in Linton and at HMB, excluding tournaments and jamborees.  We currently charge $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students for all sub-varsity events.  If there is only one Sub-Varsity game the admission prices are $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for students.


Participation Fees:

All students who are involved in athletic activities (football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, golf, track, speech, and tumbling) in grades K-12 are charged $25.00 per athletic activity.  This fee must be paid prior to the first competitive event in each activity.


Sports Physicals:

All students in grades 5-12 who are involved in school-sponsored activities must have a physical prior to the starting date of practice for that activity.  It is the responsibility of the parent to schedule appointments for these physicals.  The NDHSAA requires full physicals to be taken every year.


Band Fees:

Students in grades 5-12, who use school-owned instruments, including percussion, are charged $10.00 per year for percussion rental and $25.00 per semester for the use of other school-owned instruments.  An exception is made if the student owns an instrument and is required by the band instructor to change instrument and play a school-owned instrument.  Reeds for woodwind instruments may be purchased in either office.  All reeds must be paid for before they are given to the student.


Art Fees:

An art fee will be charged to students who are enrolled in art classes over the ITV Network.  The fee will cover the cost of the individual student art kit that is required by the instructor.  The fee will be $35.00.


Driver Education Fees:

Students enrolled in summer drivers education classes will be assessed a $150.00 fee to cover the cost of the vehicle maintenance, fuel, and instructor’s salary.


Other Student Purchases:

All other student purchased items such as clothing, shoes, graduation announcements, annuals, etc., must be paid for prior to the student receiving them.