FBLA 2016-2017

FBLA-chapter had a successful State Leadership Conference.  Our chapter received the Membership Achievement Award and the Go for the North Dakota Bronze.  Individual and team awards are as follows:

Brooke V.- took 5th in the Web Design event and also was awarded our Chapter’s Who’s Who Award, she achieved the “Business” level of the Business Achievement Awards, and also was recognized for receiving the Membership Madness Award.

Cassidy W. also was recognized for the Membership Madness Award and the “Business” level of the Business Achievement Awards, she also received our chapter’s Who’s Who Award.  She placed 7th in the Graphic Design Event.

Tiffany S. took 5th place for her Sales Presentation.

Hannah S. placed 9th in Electronic Career Portfolio

Heidi J., Jenna B., and Paul M. placed 2nd in the Partnership with a Business event, which qualified them for the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim this summer.


Officers and Members

President ~ Cassidy W.

Vice President ~ Brooke V.

Secretary ~ Mya V.

Treasurer ~ Heidi J.

Officer ~ Jenna B.



FBLA Members

Jenna B

Heidi J.

Paul M.

Hannah S.

Dylan S.

Tiffany S.

Brooke V.

Mya V.

Cassidy W.





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