Linton Lions Daily Bulletin

Day #136                                            Friday, March 24, 2017


Dismissed for Lunch:  12:00:  Grades 7-12


Lunch Today:  Fish tacos, French fries, fruit

Breakfast Tomorrow:  Toast, cereal, fruit, milk, juice

Lunch Tomorrow:  Corndogs on a stick, tater tots, fruit


+++++++++++++ UPCOMING EVENTS:

Friday, March 24, 2017-Kids Wrestling at Oakes 5:00 pm

Saturday, March 25, 2017-State Indoor Track Meet at Fargo

Monday, March 27, 2017-Acalympics at Wing, SMARTS Challenge at Webster, SD, K-8 NWEA Testing Begins


++++ NOTICE:

FBLA MEETING-for all members going to state Thursday, March 31 at 12:15 in room 108.


7TH HOUR PHY ED-Report to the hs library for study hall.


SMARTS CHALLENGE-The bus leaves for Webster at 3:00 pm on Sunday, March 26 from the school and returns around 5:00 pm Monday, March 27.  This competition will be live on the Webster Area School page.  The following will be gone Monday, March 27.  Make sure assignments are taken care of before you go.

Alex Jones                   Cole Vander Laan        Jayden Benz                Kaja Ronaes                Paul Vetter

Raymond Vetter          Michael Kramer           Brooke Vander Laan   Cassidy Will                Heidi Jacob

Wednesday, March 29 the bus leaves for Mobridge at 7:30 am for Mobridge for Smarts Challenge.  The following are gone and make sure your assignments are taken care of.

Cole Vander Laan        Jayden Benz                Alex Jones                   Cassidy Will                Heidi Jacob

Jenna Bernhardt                       Kaja Ronaes                Brooke Vander Laan   Maya Vetter                 Riley Mattheis

Sadie Bosch                 Billie Gross                  Payton Holzer              Raymond Vetter          Paul Vetter


FCCLA MEMBERS-FCCLA members attending State Convention for STAR Events, judging or room consultant.  Meeting on Monday at 12:20 p.m. in Room 108.  Discuss practice times and register individually for State Convention.


NOTE-The following students will be leaving at 7:30 a.m. to attend a day long Agriculture Days Seminar at the Career Academy in Bismarck: Christian Heer, Hannah Jacob, Alex Kelly, Billie Gross, Shalie Gross, Morgan Kooker, and Sadie Bosch.


SENIORS-Please get a digital head & shoulders picture to Mrs. Wald for the yearbook.  HS office needs a wallet size picture for the paper & composite. (no horizontal picture).


EARTH SCIENCE STUDENTS-Will be gone Monday, March 27 1st & 2nd hour for a tour of the water treatment plant, west of Linton.  Jordan Bosch   Eli Robinson    Zach Robinson Chase Schiele


ACALYMPICS-Please excuse the following at 2:22 on Monday, March 27 for Acalympics in Wing. Bus leaves at 2:30.

Eli Robinson    Ethan Tschosik                        Tiarra Bosch                Riley Mattheis              Cassie Gefroh

Bailey Hulm    Haley Hase                  Daniel Schumacher      Madi Ptacek                 Ashlyn King                Josi Schwab     Emily Kelsch


FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE-Saturday, March 25 from 7:00-9:30 am at Emmons County Courthouse.  Cost is $5.00 per couple and $2.00 each additional child.  Refreshments will be served.  Please no jeans, this is a semi-formal event.  Sponsored by Emmons County 4-H Council.  More information there are cards in either office.


GOLF PRACTICE-Begins Tuesday, March 28.


KIDS WRESTLING- The bus will leave Linton today, March 24 @ 2:00 to go to Oakes.


KLHS RADIO-will be presenting “The Hitchhiker” scheduled to broadcast live on KLHS Radio, Friday, March 31 at 3:30 pm.


CLOSE UP SHOE DRIVE-has been extended into March.  Shoes must be wearable and drop off is by the hs office.


HONOR ROLL:  A Honor 4.00-3.50   *4.00 GPA

Grade 5:  Hannah Gefroh, Abigail Hulm, Nicole Lawler, Riley Richter

Grade 6:  Grant Bosch, ShayLee Bosch*, Paige Hulm, Landon Schumacher*, Wyatt Schwab*

Grade 7:  Logan Barnes, Kimberly Gefroh, Callie Hase*, Erin Kelsch, JayCee Richter*, Teegan Scherr, Angeline Vetter, Kathleen Vetter

Grade 8:  Kylee Gartner, Tiffney Salwei*, Daniel Schumacher*

Grade 9:  Samantha Bosch, Haley Hase, Bailey Hulm, Paul McCrory*, Kaylee Werlinger

Grade 10:  Sydney Blum*, Billie Gross, Dylan Smith, Ethan Tschosik, Paul Vetter

Grade 11:  Tiarra Bosch, Cassie Gefroh, Riley Mattheis, Jack McCrory*, Tiffany Smith, Brooke Vander Laan

Grade 12:  Jenna Bernhardt*, Amanda Brandner*, Heidi Jacob, Alex Jones, Sierra Kelsch, Brianna Klein, Emily Schumacher, Cole Vander Laan*, Vanessa Volk*, Stacia Wagner*, Cassidy Will*


B Honor Roll  3.49-3.00 GPA

Grade 5:  Allie Dockter, Kaylyn Hendrickson, Mackenzie Hendrickson, Gracyn Holzer, Justin Tschosik

Grade 6: Saydee Aberle, Lacey Bosch, Landon Bosch, Robyn Huizenga, Trace King, Ariana Pfaff, Carter Pfeifer,

Kaylee Weninger, Garett Zink

Grade 7:  Dean Vetter

Grade 8:  Caleb Blaze, Laura Hovland, Trey Jacob, Emily Kelsch, Ashlyn King, Carter Renz, Kloe Sauter, Josi Schwab, Precious Vetter, Ethan Zink

Grade 9:  Jaden Bosch, Shelby Bosch, Kaitlyn Gefroh, Shelby Kelsch, Warren Wangler

Grade 10:  Parker Gerving, Shalee Gross, Payton Holzer, Kailee Horner, Raymond Vetter

Grade 11 :  John Beck, Craig Brindle, Kelsey Feist, Jared Gefre, Makayla Ptacek, Hannah Schumacher, Jackson Tveito

Grade 12:  Taylor Aberle, Jayden Benz, Eli Robinson, Kaja Ronaes, Chase Schiele