Linda Kress Memorial Scholarship



(27 years of loyal service at Linton School)

The Linda Kress Memorial Scholarship is an annual $250

   scholarship awarded to a graduating senior at Linton High


                                     Selection criteria:             

                    1. The ability to be a good role model and to be aware of the impact she/he has   

 on others. 

                2. A set of personal ethics and values upon which she/he consistently portrays.


                                                              3. Open-minded, energetic and approachable to others.

                                              To qualify for the Linda Kress Memorial Scholarship, deserving LHS senior students

                                              must exhibit the core character traits which were embodied by Secretary Linda Kress

                                              and that are encouraged in all our students by the Linton Public School System:

                                              Responsibility, Respect, Self-Discipline, Kindness, Good Judgment, Perseverance, Courage,

                                              and Integrity. 

                                                          An essay on a time in their life when they relied on, or exhibited,

                                                one or more of the above traits is an important requirement for this scholarship.

The Kress Family will choose a winner after the April 15th deadline.  

                                                This scholarship will be awarded annually at the LHS graduation ceremony.

                                                                     Please mail essays to:                    

                                                                     Linda Kress Memorial Scholarship       

                                                                     Box  221

                                                                     Linton, ND  58552